Sheep — The Story of Scruffy

We raise rare breed Gulf Coast sheep. They are a highly durable wool breed with next-to-skin softness much like merino. A perfect sheep for beginner shepherds as they are extremely easy keepers.  In spite of this, Gulf Coast Sheep are on the critically endangered list according the Livestock Conservancy. As a fiber artist it was important to me to start my flock with a lovely variety of colors from the traditional white to brown. Unfortunately for me, but good for you all of our lambs this year will be offered for sale. This is a chance for small homestead flocks to obtain the superior parasite resilience of the gulf coast along with some possible added benefit of extra-long fleeces and hybrid vigor! Enter the story of Scruffy.

The Story of Scruffy begins with his mom Queen Mary an Icelandic ewe that lived among the Gulf Coast Sheep. Mary came to us after having been traumatized by a pack of dogs that had killed her lamb and she was alone in a stall and of need of companionship. It’s never a good idea to have less than three sheep, so I took her in and she gave us two cross babies that had lovely fleeces. When she was finally rehomed I was left with Scruffy her young ram lamb. Time has a way of getting away from me on the farm and Scruffy grew up before I had a chance to make him a wether. Yet after his mom and sister were rehomed an odd thing happened. The rest of the sheep avoided Scruffy because he was different. I admit it I was in denial thinking this might buy me some time, especially when several of our Gulf Coast ewes this year gave birth to babies with particular long fleece. That boy sure got around in spite of being an outcast!

So now we are left with the need to secure our genetics by selling off all of this year’s babies whether they are ¼ Icelandic or not.  Scruffy as an endearing rascal will also be offered to a good home, or he will soon find himself with a visit to the vet and a very different gender. Contact us for a farm visit or for individual pictures. A small starter flock of three sheep can be yours with a reasonable donation. Contact us!

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